The legend has it that back in 1128 a lonesome traveller came to the abbey of Grimbergen. After months of wandering with almost nothing to eat and only very little to drink, he was exhausted beyond measure.

Fortunately, he knocked on the right door. By the Fathers of Grimbergen, he was welcomed with open arms and offered a glass of homemade ale to warm his spirits.

An ale that 890 years later was known around the world as the legendary Grimbergen Ale.   

A different time

At this moment in time, water was unsanitary and could carry a lot of diseases. However, the act of brewing beer sanitized the water and added necessary nutrients to the drink. Therefore, beer was safe to drink.


While the Fathers of Grimbergen practiced a solitary life of work and prayer, they also had a strong belief in treating others the way you want to be treated. They believed in the community and welcoming people with open arms, and of course, a well-prepared glass of Grimbergen beer.

Only the beginning

To this day, the abbey is rooted in hospitality and the brewing traditions that made it possible to serve the people nine centuries ago. Whether bottled or draught, stranger or local, the Fathers will continue to spread the true spirit of Grimbergen for generations to come.