Our Brews

Grimbergen has reached the highest level of brewing: a unique organoleptic signature with great balance and contrast between fruity and spicy notes. What makes Grimbergen unique is its own yeast, taken from the cellars of the abbey almost 9 centuries ago.
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Grimbergen Blonde

ROUNDED & BALANCED. A smooth, blonde ale with ripe yellow fruit flavours, a spicy note of clove and a dense, cream-coloured foam.


Grimbergen Blanche

FRESH & BALANCED. A light yellow Belgian-style white beer with smooth, creamy foam and the refreshing flavours of yellow fruits, citrus, cloves, coriander and bergamot.


Grimbergen Double Ambrée

RICH & MALTY. A dark-coloured ale with the bittersweet flavours of caramel and dried plums, made from double-fermented hops and malts.


Grimbergen Rouge

ROUNDED & FRUITY. A bittersweet beer in the tradition of the famous Belgian fruity beers. It unites red fruit and strawberry aromas with clove and a hint of spiciness. Ruby in colour with a rich foam and intense fragrances.


Grimbergen Brassin de Noël

INTENSE & MALTY. An exceptional winter beer with flavours of caramel, liquorice, ripe fruits and a note of macerated prune.