Grimbergen Kriek

Grimbergen Kriek is a fresh tasting Abbey beer that combines the delicacy of cherries and the spicy character of Grimbergen beer.

Grimbergen Kriek

Grimbergen kriek bottle with glass

A fresh and fruity tasting beer that blends subtle
notes of gluttony cherries with the spicy character of Grimbergen beer.

ASPECT: Coppery red body with slightly pink foam.

NOSE: An intense fruity fragrance of cherry and blackberry joins subtle almond and spice notes.

IN THE MOUTH: A beer balancing sweet flavors, fine bitterness and a slight hint of acidity. The emerging aromas of fleshy and juicy cherries give it its intense fruity taste, accompanied by fine notes of almond and spices.

AFTERTASTE: Persistence of cherry taste with a raised note of pepper.

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