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Each Grimbergen is crafted from a classic recipe that dates back to the year of 1128. The beer has been crafted with precision and care ever since.

That is why it is important, that precise care and passionate craft goes into the art of perfectly serving and pouring the beer as well.


The chalice actually makes a difference

It all starts with the perfect glass. That is why we have developed our Grimbergen chalice. Crafted in the perfect way, to let the beer release its indulging aromas and amplify the sensoriality.

Its rounded shape helps enhance the bubbles and gives the foam more stability and smoothness.


How to pour a beer

And now for the actual serve.

  • Hold the glass at base, and tilt to a 45-degree angle while pouring from the bottle.
  • Fill halfway and in a smooth but determined motion straighten the glass.
  • If done to perfection there should be a layer of foam two fingers thick.
  • One last thing - a perfect beer is always served chilled.

We don’t say you can taste the difference, we guarantee it.


The Perfect Serve Ritual

  1. The glass should be clean, cool and dry.
  2. Hold your glass base at a 45-degree angle.
  3. Fill it to 50%
  4. Straighten to 90 degrees
  5. The foam should be 20 mm high
  6. Perfectly serve at 8 degree celsius.