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Almost nine centuries ago, in a small village north of Brussels, a group of Norbertine monks lay the first stone to what eventually became the Grimbergen abbey. But this abbey is not like other abbeys. It has been destroyed by raging fire not only once but three times since 1128.

But no matter how heavy the challenge, the Fathers always kept their flame alive and found a way to rebuild their abbey. Again, and again. Stone by stone. Rising from the ashes, just like the legend of the Grimbergen Phoenix.

Reborn from the ashes

According to myths, the Grimbergen Phoenix lives for 500 years before bursting into flames. Then, a young new phoenix - just as astonishing - is reborn from the ashes.

During the religious wars, the abbey was ravaged by fire for the second time in only a couple of centuries. After that moment, the Fathers and the community decided to adopt the Phoenix as their iconic emblem.

Fiery passion

The symbolic meaning of the Grimbergen Phoenix is about overcoming darkness and rising to the challenge. Therefore, it not only embodies the bravery of the Fathers, but also a firm belief in a favourable future.

Because, even when everything was destroyed, their fiery passion could never be extinguished. Today, you can taste that unique strength of character in every sip of Grimbergen whether you prefer the round and balanced Blonde, the fresh Blanche or the rich and malty Double Ambrée