Belgian Pale Ale

Fresh aromas and light bitterness of the hops come together in the taste of this belgian pale ale to enhance the natural fruity and spicy notes of our Grimbergen yeast. It is a complex but refreshing pale ale with a medium bitterness.
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Grimbergen Belgian Pale Ale


Grimbergen Belgian Pale Ale, the beer of the Phoenix: an authentic and savoury abbey beer, renowned for its unique well-balanced contrast between spicy and fruity notes.

ASPECT: Clear golden colour and yellow reflections. Dense and abundant cream coloured foam.

NOSE: Dominance of citrus, lime and tropical fruit with hints of ripe fruit and spicyness mixed with notes of floral hops.

IN THE MOUTH: A savoring yet refreshing beer combining sweet and bitter flavours. Dominant aromas of tropical and yellow fruit supported by the characteristic spicy notes of cloves.

AFTERTASTE: A balanced beer with citrus, lime and tropical fruitiness together with floral notes and a bitterness kept on the low side to assist the smooth sensation and high drinkability.

Nutritional information & calories

Refreshing & Smooth

  • Malted
  • Fruity
  • Spicy
  • Bitter
  • Alcohol by Volume 5,5%
  • Bottle sizes 25cl - 33cl -75cl
  • Aromas Fruity and spicy
  • Ingredients Water, barley malt, glucose syrup, wheat malt, aromatic caramel, sugar, barley malt extract, hops
  • Colour Golden with cream-coloured foam
  • Bitterness 22