Grimbergen Rouge

ROUNDED & FRUITY. Grimbergen Rouge, flavoured with red fruits, subtly combines the character of an Abbey beer with the sweetness and notes of strawberry, cranberry and elderberry. Its purple colour with intense reflections and its slightly pink foam indicates a unique flavour.

Grimbergen Rouge


ASPECT: Slightly pink foam and brilliant ruby colour with purple hints.

NOSE: Intense aroma of red fruits to which are added the typical spicy notes of Grimbergen.

IN THE MOUTH: Grimbergen Rouge has a strong balance between sweet flavours, fine bitterness and slight acidity. Red fruit aromas with a predominance of strawberries and hints of spice and liquorice are revealed.

AFTERTASTE: Complex flavours and aromas of red fruits, spices and freshness are also found.

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Rounded and Fruity

  • Malted
  • Fruity
  • Spicy
  • Bitter
  • Alcohol by Volume 6%
  • Bitterness 13
  • Aromas Ripe strawberries and a hint of clove
  • Ingredients Water, barley malt, glucose syrup, wheat malt, sucrose syrup, natural flavouring, carrot concentrate, barley malt extract, acidity agent: citric acid, hop extract
  • Colour Ruby with a creamy pink foam
  • Bottle sizes 25cl, 33cl, 75cl